Before we talk about individual products I want to share that my business values are my personal values. My INTENTION informs both the product’s purpose and all their raw ingredients. So all my products are made with the following INTENTION :



               More than do no harm, the ingredients and purpose is to ethically Replace, Replenish and Enhance our own well-being and beauty.


               All our raw ingredients must meet the following criteria:

No animal products

               Sustainable and no deforestation in their production

               No violence in their commerce


How or Why would you buy from a source which does not disclose all the ingredients? You need to decide what is good for you and your family, but to do so you need to know what is in the products you use. How do you know all the ingredients are disclosed?

I am committed to blogging this year to help educate my customers and others on how to read labels.



               Organic – all botanicals and all ingredients that are available Organic are Organic. As you know organic is also a process so some raw ingredients essential to skincare, and some newer plant based wildsourced bio-ceuticals cannot be organic.

               Gluten Free – this was an easy fix and important to many. Most commercial skincare contain wheat proteins for conditioning. There are many better, but more expensive alternatives.

               Soy Free – I should say hormone disruptor free

               Non – GMO

               Corn free – this was relatively easy a few years ago but is getting harder to verify. I will always advise if an ingredient could be from corn



               We now have some incredible anti-wrinkle, anti-aging, plant based ingredients in the form of peptides, stem cells, and extracts from the fermentation of plants. They allow for the ethical replacement or replenishing of what we have quit producing due to age. A good example of an INTENTIONAL choice is how to replace collagen in our skin. There are products now on the market that contain collagen. Sounds simple and good. But where does the collagen come from? All of it comes from animals and mostly harvested from humans during operations. My INTENTION then does not allow me to use these ingredients. However, luckily there are better choices in the form of peptides, glycol-proteins and stem cells for helping our own skin to remember how and begin to produce again the amount of collagen and elastin that we used to. These products work well over time.

My INTENTION is that our products work for the stated purpose, the ingredients are harvested and processed ethically and the final product is created and made with the highest of INTENTIONS and VIBRATIONS. In other words with LOVE.

I want my company and myself to be part of the new consciousness that all life is sacred and promote changes (big and small) to save the planet and ourselves. This is a very personal business for me and it is in essence a spiritual entity for me to live and experience who I really am and who I want to be.    


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