Clear Skin Blemish Treatment


Natural, vegan serum that works in one day to eliminates breakouts. Salicylic acid and organic MSM with time released retinol is non-irritating, fast and effective. Vegan & Gluten Free.

Directions for use:: Apply 2-4 times per day on fresh breakout and expect it to be gone tomorrow. Or use proactively once per day for oily or blemish prone skin.

Ingredients: Aqua, MSM (organic sulfur), Niacinamide (Vitamin B3),Cassius agustifolia (plant extract that mimics hyaluronic acid), glycolic acid (an alpha hydroxy acid from plant material), Salicylic acid (an alpha hydroxy acid from plant material), Retinol (Vitamin A from plant origin), Sodium hayluronic (hyaluronic acid from plant origin), Benzyl alcolhol, Glycerin & Sorbic acid (Eco certified natural preservative).

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